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Splendour in the Grass 2024 CANCELLED


A most solemn column announcement,
dispersed via email then mainstream news sources speculate reasons that vary from low ticket sales to predictably following suit with cancellation of a number of other large and smaller festivals. #SITG2024 states 'unexpected events' with declines for further comment at this early stage. Regardless of the specifics it is truly sad for all concerned, especially for the lead up opportunities and anticipatory excitement for artist discovery during the event.
This writer is no journo yet feels motivated to share the grief and somehow extend support despite the potential futility.
Give hugs and seek help. has some words of wisdom and resources that could be helpful dealing with the loss of this much loved celebration of musical festivities from 2024's gig calendar.

note: Permission to share hyperlink to was not obtained prior to article publishing but please email if link removal is required thank you.



sort of

This writer is no journo, however one finds oneself authoring an article in a 'news' column so best practice with any new venture is to learn about what is involved.

A method oft personally utilised to source news is a simple search routine via Duckduckgo web browser.
> Open new browser tab/window, enter 'news' in the URL space and search
> Change 'Any time' to 'Past day'
> Click/tap/select the 'News' tab for a useful summary view of each article heading, it's source and an accompanying image
> Scroll to an article for viewing that opens or can be opened in a new tab/window
This process is repeated with an additional keyword or characters e.g. 'news ai' or 'news easter' etc. until sufficient news articles/topics have been browsed.

Now back to impartiality research where a recent attention piquing news article suggests quality journalism be strictly impartial. A web search on impartiality quickly indicated that with regards to news, this may not be so 'black & white'. One search result highlighted somewhere the banning of wearing rainbow coloured lanyards, citing adherence to impartiality standards and another article on a managerial edict to employed journalists that absolute impartiality in journalistic practice be maintained or write elsewhere. Merely two instances yet enough to prompt this writer (is no journo) to enquire to the most neutral as possible information provider, none other than Artificial Intelligence.
The chat interaction typically yielded appropriate suggestions for gifs, however all were from the same website source, to which I offered the prompt of irony. The AI appreciatively acknowledged the point made and reassured that mixed source suggestions will be more appropriate in future prompt response output, especially purporting non-bias on the topic of impartiality.
Turns out even AI can be prone to biases but they seem to learn fast and in the end no gif was decided on for this article.

Editor's note.
The blank gif space seems fitting to remain given a news publication's observed use of blank space.

a.gif caption


easter pilgrims' lives lost

search news
"miracle sole survivor
bus crash"

Devastating tragedy strikes the loved ones of 45 bus passengers enroute to popular South African Easter pilgrimage, returning for the first time since COVID-19 pandemic.
Reports claim an eight year old somehow survived amidst the horrific crash, bless her recovery and support for many a family in mourning.


Twas not a chocolate gift

this festive season

The fondest Easter recollection is of a decent sized solid chocolate rabbit, large enough to nibble on throughout the entire occasion. However this year couldn't be further from such a simple delicious pleasure and far from such nostalgic uncomplicated times. This year I have the covid, seemingly long evaded and an absolutely unrivalled harrowing experience with symptoms so pronounced it is clear now why so many lives have been devastatingly lost and inexorably altered.
Not to be a self pitying nor pity seeking (this writer is no journo) piece but rather a reminder that the distinct threat to life, posed by covid 'virulent scourge' 19, is not gone even if it seems at times to be forgotten.
Be safe (isolate) get well and rest.


Natural Nature

team news.h has it from a reliable source that web site has changed content to avoid confusion of being classed as terrorist or extremist.
The changes include removal of hyperlinks to reputable websites reporting on a previously undocumented apparent 'quirk' of nature.
Occurring in nature is of course as we all know, natural.
Editor's note: harsh words removed. Humanity consistently demonstrates many of both positve and negative traits, with hope and encouragement adoption for a more positive vantage to share.
Sounds controversial as news can sometimes be, however in the natural journalistic spirit of reporting what is & by design of the Internet to interconnect via hyperlinks, the team at news.h dutifully presents a compromise.
Hyperlinks to news service providers are omitted due to unfeasibility of directing reproduction requests to every organisation for every article link, in an attempt at due diligence to copyright and it's myriad intricacies.
*new feature*
The compromise > a search guide <
Enter keywords "news gay whale"
Works a treat and no one gets annoyed for news shared without permission being given to share specific links to the multitudes of articles that news service providers appreciatively produce.
Browsers assume responsibility for coalescing results of news providers news. We also note that the visuals on do now seem to flow better without the links.
May keyword search result freedom & unfettered information sharing about: nature's fascinating facts, anything and everything else And news never cease!


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* modified Newspaper Style Design & Animated Gradient Background
* Duckduckgo web browser
* Straight Ally flag ~ clearly "all" are not gay
* blanket share directive
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this writer is no journo but feel free to engage via email
* part-nerd with >> feature Your news in next edition of ;) [please note posted messages may take time to appear in Creation Flow]
* Editor's edits: added 'smaller' festivals and '2024 gig calendar' to SITG article, replaced 'harsh words sentence' with more uplifting sentiment as there is already sufficient negativity in this world without adding more. Peace!